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March 17, 2011


What is every WordPress theme user will do, no matter what theme they are using? Certainly, is changing the logo, everybody need to replace the theme logo with their site logo.

It’d be a code relevent change, so most premium WordPress themes today, will offer a place at somewhere the backend for you to upload you own logo so that you do not have to play with the codes, as our themes did. But every logo is unique, with different size, usually you will find the position is perfect for the theme logo but just not for yours, no matter what you do, changing the logo size, margin, or something like that.

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March 6, 2011


It’s a long story that WordPress auto formatting being probably the most controversial feature of this awesome platform. The silent and compelling html code change behavior is apparently not a piece of delicous cake for experienced users and sites with complex pages, especially when WordPress is much more a blog publishing platform today. Anotherside, for people do not know html codes and simply use WordPress as blog, this feature does bring them a lot of convenience.

What We Do Before If We Do Not Like “WP Auto Formatting”

By doing a Google search regarding this feature, we already got a lot to teach you how to disable this “auto formatting”, we can stop it by install a plugin or simply add two lines code to wp theme. Not bad, but is that all we want? Is there not a way for us to prevent auto-formatting messing our complex pages while still make use of it for our blog posts? That’d be perfect, right? And most important is, it is possible.

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March 5, 2011


Button set designed for my wordpress theme Creations, released now as a separate file, no restrict, feel free to use or include them in your commercial project. If you want to thank me, a link back to this post would be enough and nice.

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March 24, 2010


Ezior is an excellent theme for products presentation, it’s size&color enhanced Featured Area will definitely catch readers attention, grab their eyes on your products/articles. It has multiple sidebars and many flexible widgets, with them you can have your home page looks like a blog with a two-columns layout, change to a business-feeling three-columns layout, or fill your home with news/posts by page/post loader widgets.  And 7 preset great color schema to make your site keeping fresh.

Now Ezior has been released with version 2.0, a lot of improvements have been made in this version, it is almost a totally new theme.

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February 2, 2010


Meet Great WordPress Theme Castle Now!
The Castle theme is an elegant, nice for business/personal blog purpose wordpress theme with a lot of exciting features, clean design, nice typrograph, powerful features, highly customizable, absolutely free 8 more excellent color schemes, much, much more.

January 12, 2010


Glad to annouce release of another elegant wordpress theme we made, clean and flexible, with impressive article images, a soft jquery slider and nice typography. Well organized settings, build-in 5 sweet widgets, 5 widgetized sidebars, and more. Navigate to Faith Page for more details and demo, you may find demo site a little different to the screenshots, that is because the homepage of Faith is fully widgetized, there are infinite possibility on how the homepage will be organized.


December 28, 2009


Moment is an elegant WordPress theme that best for magazine/news-publish websites, it is well-designed to meets the requirement of massive news/posts publishment, you are able to display as many news/posts in various methods as you can. Navigate to Moment Page for more details

June 26, 2009


It’s been a long time since my first wordpress theme Win7blog released, after that, i spent most of my time on other stuffs, and didn’t think i will develop another wordpress theme. Win7blog was a language special theme, it’s about April when i finished other stuffs i began to make it an international theme, in this period, many ideas rise in my mind, finally, i decided to make premium wordpress themes. Ezior is right the first one, i decided it should be powerful, flexible, customable, and beautiful from beginning. It is not easy, and took much more time than i thought. I was trying to  keep all my focus on it only, in my friends words, i just disappeared, :) .

Anyway, i’m back, and Ezior, ye, the new wordpress theme of mine, here it is.